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    The Descent Outrun Online Lesson #2 Youtube

    • 1 min read

    The Descent Outrun Online Lesson #2 Youtube

    Hey everyone, in todays
    #outrunonline lesson we are covering more fundamentals.


    We are teaching the very important technique of getting off of stuff.  This family of techniques we call descents.


    Start with low obstacles that have wide surfaces and a clear landing area beneath you. 


    There are modifications for all levels and the whole family.


    There are some higher level techniques in the video.  Please don't try unless you have a higher level of experience. 


    When in doubt, stick with the basics. 


    So follow along anywhere. It's time to get outside, as it should be! Post your training in the comments and we will provide coaching!



    Outrun Crew 📹: Justin Clark Jesse Allan Clark Travis Lee Olof Wood Michael Lesh @Outrun Parkour - Fort Collins#outrun#parkour#freerunning#outrunners#outruncrew