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    Parkour Ages 8-12

    Parkour Ages 8-12

    Ready for a challenge? Our parkour programs are here to provide the perfect stimulus for kids aged 8-12 who crave an active and exciting way of moving! Get ready to be awed as your young ones explore physical obstacles, develop agility, skills and find their inner athlete.

    Parkour Ages 13-16

    Break the mold and explore your limits with our parkour programs for teenagers. Not only will you learn new skills like flips, strength, and agility development - but also gain a greater sense of accomplishment in pushing yourself past any boundaries set before! Showcase what you’re capable of as an individual or challenge yourself to hone these newfound abilities amongst friends at Outrun.

    Parkour Ages 17+ & Adults

    Dive into the exhilarating and empowering world of parkour! Our programs, designed for older teens and adults who are looking to stay active in an exciting way with obstacles or flips. Outrun offers a unique opportunity that's sure to leave you feeling stronger.