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    • Rank Challenges -the first thing to have on your radar. They are the milestones in the student journey thru Outrun's programs. 
    • Overdrive Challenges - the next evolution of Rank Challenges. Overdrive Challenges are the method for achieving our highest ranks and gaining access to our Overdrive program. 
    • Holiday Schedule - which holidays we are open or closed for.
    • Competitions, workshops, and more!

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    5/30 - Closed for Memorial Day

    We're closed Monday in honor of Memorial Day. 
    If your programs are effected please reschedule. Email



    6/25 -  Band Challenge

    Students explore parkour challenges with skills they have unlocked in classes to advance through our programs. Family and members can spectate both their own student's challenge and higher level challenges. 

    Students should arrive 15 minutes early to their challenge level for check-in.

    Saturday, June 25th 
    1:00 Carbon - Comet
    1:30 Steel - Lunar

    Students are required to have approval from their coach before attending and must register 72 hours prior to the event.  Attendance is limited. 

    More action coming soon...