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    Outrun Show EP. #46 | Announcing the Outrun Open x SPL Parkour Competition: Skill Speed Style

    • 2 min read

    Outrun Show EP. #46 | Announcing the Outrun Open x SPL Parkour Competition: Skill Speed Style

    On this episode of the Outrun Show we talk about the 2022 Outrun Open qualifier for SPL1. The event will be the first in some time from Rene and the Origins team and we are excited to host in-person qualifiers here at Outrun!

    Outrun Open 

    As the countdown begins to the competition we are geared up for the Outrun Open. And there couldn't be a better time to have athletes come enjoy the gym as we hit the 1 year anniversary of the construction of  our Outrun arena.  

    The open will be hosted in the evening July 28th and 29th with a jam the day of the 30th. The evening competition gives a fresh energy for athletes and will leverage the lighting and design of Outrun. This is guaranteed to be a memorable event and we are excited to share this experience with the community.

    The three divisions of the competition will be skill, speed, and style. 

    The Outrun Open will be the main qualifier event for athletes that can make the trip to Colorado at the end of July. This is the best opportunity to qualify and we are excited to see who makes it forward. 


    SPL1 being the first competition of this type and scale in several years is raising the excitement and expectations for the event. Athletes from novice to advanced and all parts of the globe are coming together to share in the energy.
    SPL1 will be held August 18th -20th and will give the opportunity for athletes from around the world to show off their skill, speed and style over a 3 day event at Origins Parkour in Vancouver, BC. 

    Along with the qualifiers, a few select athletes have been pre-qualified through and will bring some extra heat to the event. 

    Our discord is open for helping to plan accommodation and work out any logistics for those traveling to Fort Collins. Registration is open for competitors and spectators so grab a spot and come join in the rad vibes!



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