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    Overdrive Challenge

    OVERDRIVE Challenge

    The first ever OVERDRIVE Challenge is complete!

    Results and news will be announced here as we build out the challenge platforms. 

    Here is she leaderboard for the challenge based on results from 9/18/21 challenge.


    Terra Overdrive Challenge High Scores 

    Placement Name Points
    1st Will Duncan 750
    2nd Alex Wozniak 725
    3rd Zack Bakker 580
    4th Kelton Veach 570
    5th Isaac Maddox 490
    6th Owen Geiss 475
    7th Tristen Whitman 455
    8th Spencer Lock 445
    9th Sawyer Keller 425
    10th Jason Mynatt 390

    Orbit Overdrive Challenge High Scores


    Placement Name Points
    1st Phillip Romero 650
    2nd Alex Wozniak 620
    3rd Will Duncan 605
    4th Trey Brower 540
    5th Ryder Buxman 535
    6th Jason Mynatt 525
    7th Kelton Veach 505
    8th Bennett Kim-Thamm 495
    9th Mason Sherman 485
    10th North Tarry 485




    Results from ODC @9.18.2021

    8 Challenge Skills
    *Max score per skill challenge 100pts
    *Max Score 800pts