Outrun Parkour Teen Girl's Parkour Classes

Teen Girl's Parkour classes at Outrun Parkour are structured, designed, and taught just for Teens! Classes are built specifically for this age group. They'll be guided, but challenged to become the best version of themselves.

Teen Girl's Parkour Classes build strong-teens through Focus, Athleticism and Fun

Physical Development: Strength

As Teens turn into adults, it's vital for them to build real, practical strength. This point in their musculoskeletal development is when building strength is most important, and at Outrun, they'll have a blast doing it!

Physical Development:

Teens grow rapidly, and as that happens, it's normal for their muscles to tighten. At Outrun Parkour, we've found that because we make flexibility an accessible, built in part of our program, they make dramatic gains in flexibility, carrying that improved quality of life into adulthood.

Physical Development:

It's well known that teens can be clumsy or have challenges with proprioception (awareness of their body in space) as they're not used to their growing bodies, but it doesn't have to be that way! At Outrun, they'll Increase balance, awareness and precision, quickly tuning into their bodies and environment!

Outrun Parkour Classes Build Benefits for Life

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll ASAP

Mental Development: Focus

If it feels like your Teen's focus is all over the place, you're not alone - Teen brain development often means a perceived lack of focus. What most Teens need is to practice focusing on something they love, and at Outrun Parkour they'll do just that. They'll come away from each class with more and more focus, ultimately gaining focus at will, and they'll benefit from it for life.

Emotional Development: Determination

Teens are dealing with a lot, finding solid peer groups, understanding who they are and learning their strengths. At this age, they're deciding how they'll respond to challenges on an emotional level. Will they give up when things get tough? Or will they push through, accomplishing what they set their mind to? At Outrun, they'll practice the skill of determination in every class, building determination step by step until it's an ingrained part of their personality.

Mental Development: Confidence

Teens are constantly bombarded by mental and emotional challenges that chip away at their confidence, especially with today's aggressive technological and social landscape. It's vital for Teens to build rock-solid self confidence, but that won't happen without putting in the work. At Outrun, they'll learn to overcome mental, physical and emotional obstacles, building real confidence and determination along the way - and they'll take that deep, unshakeable confidence with them everywhere they go.

Life Skills

It's not just teens that love it...

Parents love Teen Girl's Parkour Classes

It's not just Teens that love Outrun Parkour. Once they see the teen classes parents love it because it offers things that normal teen activities don’t.

Fort Collins parents agree:

Why Fort Collins parents love Teen Girl's Parkour Classes

Class Times 

Outrun Parkour class times were designed with feedback from our families - we’ve discovered teens prefer evening and weekend times for the best training results.


Your teen will be in a positive environment, surrounded by peers striving towards the same goals that are. They'll build friendships and be supported in their journey every step of the way.

Life Skills

There's literally no better place for Teens to learn life skills like Persistence, Determination and Empathy. They'll listen and learn from role-model instructors, and they'll love it!

Physical Skills

It's more than awesome moves - it's proprioception, balance, agility and more - physical traits that will remain with and benefit your teen for the rest of their lives.

Teen Girl's Parkour Classes Build Benefits for Life

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll ASAP

Why Teenagers love Teen Girl's Parkour Classes

Teens need activities that are engaging and awesome. They *have* to be cooler than video games, TV, phones and other screen oriented activities that simply aren't beneficial. Teen Girl's Parkour is exactly what they need and want- here's why:


Fort Collins parents agree:

There's a reason teenagers in Fort Collins are talking about Teen Girl's Parkour Classes

Real Strength

Teenagers will see their strength building after only a few weeks. They love to see their strength grow in real time, working each day on becoming the strongest version of themselves.

Amazing Agility

It doesn't matter if your teenager already thinks they're on their “A-Game” or if their physical prowess is seriously lacking. Once they get into class, they see the real potential for athleticism through parkour. They’ll build real connections from their mind to their body, and the results are amazing.

They feel like they "Belong"

Many teens are looking for a place to fit in. Something they can identify with that’s healthy and that they can be proud of. Outrun is a place where teens find themselves and a connection with the peers in a sport they love!

They have FUN!

Parkour teachers because we love what we do! We gamify challenges and events so they feel know they are leveling-up!. Being around mentors who are playing the same sport and game as you is an experience they will love!

Outrun Parkour Classes Build Benefits for Life

Teens need programs like Teen Girl's Parkour now more than ever...

20.4% of kids

Of American children are obese or are at risk for obesity

To help fight and prevent health issues, we need to move! The reality though is that our lives often aren't set up for movement. With 7+ hour seated school days and busy parent work schedules, it's tough to keep modern kids healthy

8M U.S. Kids

Lead sedentary lives

It's too easy for teens to become sedentary and carry that into adulthood. The healthy habits learned at Outrun Parkour can benefit teens for life, and can fight the seemingly inevitable march towards adult onset health issues

40% of Adults

Almost half of Adults are sedentary

More and more it seems inevitable that as teens grow into adults, they slow down and become unhealthy. It doesn't have to be this way, but we have to create healthy movement habits before it's too late.


Our goals for our Outrun Parkour students are the same as your goals as a parent. Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Healthy Habits for life!


Having a solid foundation of positivity in your teen's life is invaluable. You can't control their experiences everywhere, nor would you want to. But at Outrun Parkour, you'll know we’re striving to make the best memories.

A Sense of Belonging

At Outrun Parkourit doesn't matter if your teenager isn't the best kid on the team; they'll never ride the bench. They'll always know they're valued members of class, and part of the team, each and every day.

Teen Girl's Parkour Classes Build Benefits for Life

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll ASAP

Traditional Sports vs. Teen Girl's Parkour Classes

Traditional Sports

Being left out if you're 'not good enough'
Coaches sometimes more focused on “winning” than individual progress
Drills only; no focus on overall athleticism and fun
Too many practices and games, leaving precious little family time

Traditional Youth Sports don't work for most teens.

For many families, the emotional cost and lack of real benefits simply isn't worth the effort and time commitment.

Teen Girl's Parkour

All teens are always included, physically gifted or not
Individual opportunities for friendly competition
Trained, caring, professional instructors
Physical skills teenagers will love, but an intentional focus on practical skills they need
Reasonable expectations for attendance and participation leaving plenty of family time

Outrun Parkour's Teen Girl's Parkour is the perfect solution

All of the benefits of a group sport - teamwork, interaction with peers, learning with a group, but with all of the advantages of an individual activity

What do Actual Outrun Parkour Parents Say?

We regularly survey our parents to be sure we're offering the best program possible. Here's a sample of the real feedback we get regularly:

Member Feedback

My son has been attending classes here since its humble beginnings. I cannot stress enough the impact that the gym has had on our son through the years. A shout out to coach Michael in particular who has pushed our son to work harder and motivated him in ways that we never could. He’s truly an excellent coach & mentor and our son has found his passion for fitness and parkour. The new gym looks very cool and is an awesome upgrade!

Member Feedback

Our son has been taking classes and visiting open gym every week for over a year and he absolutely LOVES it. We've tried introducing him to a lot of different activities over the years to limited success, but Parkour resonates strongly with him.

I give a lot of credit to the entire team at OUTRUN. The owners and instructors are passionate and INCREDIBLY supportive of the students (as is the larger community of parents!) Our family really appreciates the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere we always encounter.

This Could be the Best thing you've ever done for your Teen.

Take advantage or our no-strings attached trial offer. You'll see for yourself just how amazing your teenager could be. 

Teen Girl's Parkour Classes Build Benefits for Life

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll ASAP

Outrun Parkour is the favorite choice of Fort Collins families for their childrens' and teens' physical, mental and emotional development Plus there’s no better facility for adults to improve their physical health and mental wellness. Schedule a trial today!

Contact Us:

Outrun Parkour

(970) 818-0202

jump @ outrunparkour.com

2026 Bear Mountain Drive, #117

Fort Collins, CO 80525

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Member Feedback:

Great place! Wonderful community and instructors. Welcoming to kids and adults whether they're beginners or advanced. Safe, awesome, and FUN!!!! You should definitely check it out for yourself!


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