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    Parkour Summer Camps 2022

    Enroll in Outrun Summer Camps 

    We are hosting a limited number of summer camps for ages 8-11 in our radical parkour arena, so jump in and join us!

    🦾  What happens during camp? 

     Parkour games like "Floor is Lava"

     Obstacle courses

     Jumping, vaulting and climbing skills

      Instruction from awesome parkour coaches  

     Flips, kicks and tricks!

    Daily curriculum varies based on a rotating curriculum set for the students and schedule.

    We focus on movement activities for kids. There will be instruction on obstacle courses, flips and games. Lead by our fun loving coaches. 

    We will place an emphasis on games and obstacle courses but add fun flips & tricks.


    Kids are given instruction on safety and awareness, but are still allowed the freedom of independent play. Creativity is encouraged, while there is a plan for each activity, kids are allowed to add their own ideas.


    Cooperation vs. Competition

    Many of our games encourage kids to work together as a team to accomplish goals in a physical environment. Moving objects over obstacles and carrying items all while having to communicate.


    Parkour Engineer 

    Moving in a three dimensional space requires a real-world understanding of physics. Topics of surfaces, shapes, and other engineering also matter in the construction of our gym obstacles. The more kids learn about the science of their environment, the smarter and more informed athletes they become. 


    Only 20 spots open. We keep our camps listed for a short time, then close to ensure kiddos get the right amount of attention.


    Register early to save your spot.


    *No refunds 72 hours after purchase. Cancelations may be transferred or used as credits for services.

    Camp Dates

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