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    OVERDRIVE Challenge Ticket

    OVERDRIVE Challenge Ticket

    Students of our more experienced levels show off their skills and explore challenges for Terra and Orbit programs in a friendly competition format. 

    Working through the challenges can unlock the higher bands including Onyx, Electrum, Solar, and Nebula.

    Advancing through the challenges will grant access to the Overdrive program where our most advanced students practice and evolve together.

    Family and members can spectate both their own student's challenge and higher level challenges. 

    Show off that energy and wear your most over the top neons and rad retro threads. Reward hint ; )

    Students should arrive 15 minutes early to their challenge level for check-in.

    Saturday September 18th
    2:00 pm Terra Challenges
    3:30 pm Orbit Challenges

    How To Qualify

    1 ) You must be an active student at OUTRUN
    2 ) You must have Terra Mercury Band or Orbit Lunar Band
    3 ) You must be under 18 (there will be a special event for 17+) Hint: If you're 17+, DM insta about this, it will be worth your while...

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