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    COVID-19 Update for Members from the Founders – How is membership affected?

    COVID-19 Update for Members from the Founders – How is membership affected?

    UPDATED 6/15

    We are not out of the weeds yet after the COVID crisis. 

    BUT we are now open for small group classes.

    Members can makeup missed classes during the COVID restrictions to on site training a number of ways, email to make a plan!

    On site classes have begun, email to begin on site classes, or private lessons. 

    Summer camps are here, but filling, checkout the link for camps here:

    Online Lessons are still going on, jump in a class online here:


    UPDATED 4/27

    Hello crew!

    It’s Travis here at Outrun Parkour.  I have some exciting news for you in regards to your membership.

    Starting April 27th, Personal Training with our coaches will be allowed as part of the “Safer At Home” steps towards reintroduction of normalcy in daily life. 

    We are cautiously moving forward in this next phase by granting the use of your monthly class membership towards private Personal Training with coaches at the gym.

    While this is not anything like back to normal, it does allow for a small window of opportunity for you to get high value back from us in the form of Personal Training.

    These personal training sessions allow for you to get caught up on our curriculum, and individually work through skills in preparation for band challenges.

    Moreover, for those wishing to continue to self distance at home the, our Outrun Online program continues to evolve.  For some time now we have been conducting online training, and one-on-one coach check-ins, with much success! 

    In many ways membership at this point will be delivering more than it has been able to before.  It’s our intention to over deliver every step of the way, providing more access, attention, and value until together we become the best we have ever seen!

    Just an overview of what is now included in membership.

    Understand that member support has allowed us to fulfill our commitment to delivering value to you and continuing to pay staff and coaches.

    Bottom line is that we have been working around the clock to survive. Our Parkour skills of adaptation extend beyond wooden boxes to a mindset of adaptation to all environments.  That includes our current circumstances.   

    Thank you again, your continued support is really making all this possible.  And we will make sure you are happy!

    Onto the nitty-gritty.  

    Our coaches are allowed to conduct person training at the gym. BUT we must be very clear that this does not mean the gym is yet open for normal business.  There are no classes, no events, no open gym/training. Front desk staff is there for extra cleaning and check-in, membership questions should be forwarded The mezzanine is closed, there is no waiting/viewing.  The process is student drop off, 30 min personal training, and pick up.  In that order we ensure the safest environment.

    We are following both government guidelines for safety as well as the United States Parkour governing body ( recommendations for safety. 


    These recommendations include:

    • Clients bring their own water bottle
    • Washing hands before and after session
    • Coaches wearing a face masks
    • Maintaining distance
    • Wiping down surfaces

     We hope that many of the strict standards can relax as we gradually reintroduce normalcy. 

    How to schedule?


    You can do both on site and online lessons.  

    For now on location Personal Training is scheduled Monday – Friday, in 30 minute windows between 12pm and 6pm.  


    Before classes ramp back up, we will keep the ability to get these Personal Training sessions at a rate of 2 missed lessons per single personal training session. 

    Schedule Info Here

    On-site Personal Training can be scheduled below, and must be reserved before coming to the gym.  No walk-ins, the gym is not open for regular onsite business. An appointment must be reserved with our personal trainers (coach).

    Schedule here Up to 1x per week to ensure room:

    Terra 8+:

    Orbit 8+:

    Sparks (5-7):

    Tracks (17+):

    Remote Outrun Online Lessons, Live Lessons, and Coach Check-ins can accessed here,

    If you have any other needs, maybe your are at risk, or wanting to keep distance longer just let us know.  You have more access to our coaches for questions and personal feedback.


    Additional Benefits Include:

    • At home content 
    • Merchandise 
    • Discounts 
    • Flexibility on any makeups
    • Private Lessons
    • Summer Camp Discounts
    • Direct access to our coaches


    We are open to supporting you in every way possible.

    If you are in a position to provide additional support to us our new online shop includes merchandise offerings, gift cards, NEW training equipment.  We have also been made aware of some of our students with families also in small business who have had to stop training because of financial issues.  So we have expanded our offerings of the Outrun Membership Grant, for more information on the website, click here

    Thank you again for your support!

    Travis, Jesse & Justin

    Click Here to Jump Into Outrun Online Now





    March/April Update Below

    Dear students,

    We are working hard to stay on top of the latest adaptations for the COVID-19 crisis.

    It's our goal and dedication to you as members that is driving a long list of additional offerings on top of regular membership. 

    We understand the high value of our on site offerings.  And we want to keep you happy and moving in April. 

    So we have introduced our Outrun Online lessons.  We are also now allowing for members to receive remote private lessons. 

    Click Here to Jump Into Outrun Online Now

    We encourage everyone to participate and check off skills for their next band challenge remotely.  As well as work on new skills with extra detail from our online lessons. 

    Membership on site class makeups have also been extended to the lifetime of membership.

    In return for supporting our community and helping to keep our doors open in the future, support the livelihood of staff as well as keeping connected.  We will do everything in our power to keep you a happy member. 


    That means... 

    • At home content 
    • Merchandise 
    • Discounts 
    • Flexibility on any makeups
    • Private Lessons
    • Summer Camp Discounts
    • Direct access to our coaches


    We have recorded a short message to members.  If you have not seen the email, please take time to view it. 

    We have already begin Outrun Online Live classes for each program on Zoom, just log into and follow along from home or parks (respective of social distancing). 


    During Outrun Live, you can ask questions during the lessons and connect with each other. 

    In addition to that we are also offering Outrun Online Private Coaching because we know 1:1 attention has a high value. 

    During April you can capture even more attention from Outrun coaches. 

    This is 1:1 attention we would typically only provide to our private lesson students or and as part of our EPIC program. 

    Click Here to Join Outrun Online Now 

    In addition to the Outrun Online coaching, here are some of the exchanges you can capture if you just want to exchange lessons. 

    We can swap a lesson for one of these:

    • New Outrun Tee shirt (just came in, super rad!)
    • Sticker Sheet (Full page of Parkour Stickers) 
    • Bring-a-Buddy (May-August bring a friend to class, never been offered before)
    • Bank-a-Class for up to 12 months (with membership) 
    • Terra or Orbit 11” Wall Poster

    Or we can swap 4 consecutive classes from one of the below

    • Two 30-min in person Private Lessons
    • $100 Voucher towards Summer Camps 

    You can get started right now and take one of our Outrun Online lessons.   

    Click Here to Start Outrun Online Now



    Your continued support helps us provide stability for our coaches and administrative faculty in uncertain times.  Please participate in Outrun Online and exchanging your make-up classes for one of the offers above.


    Email with any questions.

    Thank you so much for your continued support.

    Travis, Jesse & Justin